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Hlavin Face Care Products Review

Brianne from wrote a review on some Hlavin Face Care products: Love Line Green D.Light - Day Moisturizing Lotion - Oil Free  With "Blue-Green Algae" Rich and refreshing moisturizer, diminishes skin irregularities – protects and strengthens skin texture. Supports deceleration of the skin aging process, helps purify and refresh skin. Optimal absorption to hydrate and protect, providing comprehensive, beneficial skin care. Protects against bacterial activity. Moisturizes skin. Preserves clean looking skin. Love Line Green D.Light - Night Enhancer With "Blue-Green Algae" For maximum elasticity. Leaves even delicate skin feeling pleasant and relaxed. Penetrating nourishment - enriches and oxygenates cell...

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Love Line: Green D. Light - Glossary of Active Ingredients

Our Love Line: Green D. Light is great for oily, combination or normal skin with blemishes. The harmonious combination of active ingredients work together with nature’s antibiotics to help treat and prevent the development of inflammation and irregularities on your skin. Be sure to check out the whole skin care collection here: Love Line Green D. Light. Here is a list of all the main ingredients and their benefits:                            Phytobiotics - Chelidonium, cranberry, and propolis extracts - "Antibiotics from nature: - prevents development of skin inflammation and irregularities.  Blue-Green...

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