4 Exercises to Make You Prettier

Posted by Ada Hersko on March 15, 2015 0 Comments

We all know that exercise is good for our overall health and wellness, but do you know that it can also beautify? It’s easy to slap some moisturizer on your face or protect it with SPF,  but strengthening the muscle arrangements and circulation in your face and body can also be instrumental in making you prettier from the inside out. To help promote an even lovelier you, we found four exercises that can help you work on your fitness and your beauty!

1. Do a Headstand … or at Least a Version of One. This will boost the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the face. Enhanced blood circulation helps to correct wrinkles and tighten facial muscles (yes please!). Stay in this position for as long as you can and incorporate it into your daily routine. If you can't do a headstand, lie upside down on your couch, bed or a sturdy chair and gently let your head hang down. This will have the same positive circulatory effects on your skin. Step up the antiaging ante by applying a serum like Love Line Platinum Base Serum after your headstand. Give those wrinkles a run for their money!

2. Work Up a Sweat. Sweating helps to cleanse the skin's pores, especially those in the face. But wait: anaerobic exercise — that is, stop-and-start exercises such as weightlifting that don't keep your heart rate steady in its target zone — doesn't work up a continuous, heart-pumping sweat. Focus more on aerobic exercise, such as swimming, running, playing tennis, walking or other activities that keep your heart rate in its target range for at least 20 minutes. The resulting endorphin rush will give your skin a healthy blush and glow that will last for hours and do both your body and face good!

3. Facial Yoga. That's right, it’s a thing! In traditional yoga practices, there are a few facial exercises that work out the muscles in your face. Remember, a good muscular foundation supports the skin and overall structure of the face as well as the body. To ease a sagging neckline, open your mouth as wide as you can and stick your tongue out as far as it will go. Hold for three seconds and repeat eight times. For forehead lines and crow's feet, raise your eyebrows as high as you can and hold for five seconds. Then raise your eyebrows again while opening your eyes as wide as possible and hold for five seconds. Repeat eight times. The best part about these facial exercises is that they allow for some multitasking. 

4. Smile! Yup, it’s that simple. Scientific studies have repeatedly proven that smiling boosts the immune system and helps to relieve stress, so even if you’re in a bad mood, force yourself to smile. Can't muster even that? Envision yourself poolside with a yummy cocktail and you’ll be smiling in no time!

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5 Foods That Make You Sweat

Posted by Ada Hersko on March 08, 2015 0 Comments

Long before air-conditioners were invented, our bodies had their own built-in units. Whenever it becomes too hot to handle, our body controls the temperature by producing sweat that helps us cool down while it evaporates from our skin.

However, heat is not the only thing that makes our body sweat. Believe it or not, what you eat can often contribute to how much you sweat, and even how you smell! What are those foods?

1) Caffeinated Beverages

Meeting for a first date over coffee? Consider a decaf or iced drink over that hot cappuccino! Coffee increases perspiration in two ways. First, caffeine stimulates your body in a way that makes sweat glands over active. So, the more caffeine you drink, the more you sweat. Secondly, the heat from the drink itself can make your body feel hot enough to sweat. The heat aspect is the same for any hot beverage, regardless of its caffeine content.

2) Hot Peppers

Well, this one shouldn't be surprising at all! When you bite into one of them, it has the capacity to make your body perspire almost immediately, because of the presence of a chemical known as ‘capsaicin’. It tricks our body into thinking it’s hot, which is why as soon as your brain gets the signal that the body temperature has gone up, you start sweating!

3) High Fat Milk

As much as you love pouring whole milk all over your cereal in the morning, you may be adding to your sweat problem, because high fat milk is another food item that makes you perspire. Just replace that with low-fat or skimmed milk to reduce your body’s sweat output. It might need some getting used to, but it’ll be worth it once you start seeing less sweat under your arms. Besides, skimmed milk is good for your health!

4) Excess Salt

Eating too much salt can also turn you into a sweating machine. When you consume large amounts of salt, you will sweat to get rid of the sodium content from your body. The average salt consumption shouldn't exceed 5 grams per day, which is rather contrasting, as Indians consume more than 9 grams of salt per day. So, cut down your salt consumption and you’ll in turn cut down on sweat.

5) Hot Soup

Hot soup as well as any other type of hot liquid, can make you sweat a little more. Just like hot coffee or tea, the hot liquid of the soup will slightly raise your body temperature, as will the steam that’s coming from your bowl. And, if the soup happens to be spicy, then be prepared to sweat even more.

Well, now you know what food triggers excess sweat production in your body, the simplest thing you can now do is to avoid them. However, if you’re not willing to give up on any of these foods, then, this can be your only solution. And of course, you can thank us later!

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