Love Line Green D.Light - Purifying Mud Mask

Love Line Green D.Light - Purifying Mud Mask


For Oily/Combination Skin with Blemishes

With "Phytobiotics" – natural extracts  -  balance skin irregularities.

Purifying Mud Mask – purifies, thoroughly absorbs excess sebum, balances skin texture.  Long-lasting results – noticeable immediately. 

A unique synergy of  Dead Sea Mud and "Phyto-biotic" complex- Chelidonium, cranberry and propolis extracts, Also contains Chamomile, vitamin A and Panthenol. The mask absorbs excess sebum, cleans and drains pores, prevents accumulation of dirt and impurities, prevents formation of pimples. The mask contains moisture, regulates cell regeneration – for healthy, clean and even-looking skin.

Apply mud mask evenly (avoid sensitive areas). Leave for 5-10 minutes until fully dry. Rinse and pat dry gently.

Can be used twice/ three times a week

125 ml