PSOeasy Hypo-allergenic Soap Bar

PSOeasy Hypo-allergenic Soap Bar

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PSOeasy soap bar for relieving, alleviating and preventing all types of skin disorders caused by contact with air, such as: acne, hormonal spots eczema,  atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. This soaps is handmade according to very old traditional methods that include slow, 4 weeks, sun drying for keeping its best qualities. The soap contains a mixture of medicinal plants and algae, and is distinguished by the wonderful ability of this mixture to penetrate skin pores, cleanse and purify the skin thoroughly renewing skin cells and restoring skin external appearance. Does not contain steroids, parabens, or tar

Safe for pregnant women and children

Dermatologically tested
Not tested on animals

How to Use:
Wet skin and lather with the soap bar