About Hersko

Hersko is the exclusive importer and distributor of skin care products and natural products for body care and skin conditions. manufactured by CHIC Hlavin Industries and DSP Natural Health Products development and marketing.




Ada Hersko, CEO and Founder of Hersko Therapeutic Natural Skin Care

Passionate is an understatement when describing Ada Hersko’s love for high quality effective skin care.  For over 20 years Ada worked in the cosmetic/skin care industry in Israel and knows first hand the standard of quality and extensive research that Israelian manufacturers put into developing some of the most effective formulas on the market. When Ada moved to Canada with her family in 2009, she wanted to share Israel’s finest beauty products with the Western world and so she fulfilled her dream and became the executive importer of Hlavin Products.

Hlavin is an Israelian manufacturer who has been creating formulas since 1973. Ada chose Hlavin products because they use naturally active paramedical ingredients in all of their formulas, which make their products extremely effective. “It is not enough for a formula to be natural” explains Ada, “The percentage in each component is also important. Paramedical formulas are formulas that use a higher concentration of active natural ingredients. Hlavin has been a leading international skincare manufacturer and their products are sold in over 20 countries around the world.  All their ingredients are certified by the CTFA certified and none of Hlavin’s products are tested on animals, nor do they contain animal derivatives.

Ada also praises Hlavin products because they are bio-balanced formulas. “Bio-balanced formulas synchronize with the skin’s own biological balance to nurture the internal dermal functions as well as the repair any external damage caused by environmental factors.  All the company's products have been developed, through an awareness of the three skin elements: energy, harmony and proper cell development all required to achieve healthy vital skin.” 

Hersko imports 60 products from Hlavin including their top seller Lavilin healthy deodorant laid the foundation for the company's success as an innovative leader in international skincare.  



Hersko Therapeutic Natural Skin Care is a member of the Canadian Health Food Association, which is Canada’s largest trade association dedicated to natural health and organic products. Lavilin products are created from natural sources and used to restore and maintain good health. www.chfa.ca