Hersko is authorized to import and distribute products manufactured by CHIC Hlavin Industries Ltd. as well as DSP Natural Health Products Development and marketing


PsoEasy products have a very striking effect on the symptoms commonly associated with psoriasis such as desquamation, itching, dryness of the skin and loss of elasticity of dry skin without the use of steroids or coal tar. Our products are elaborated merely on the basis of natural ingredients and tested according to the most rigid standards. PsoEasy range includes 6 products that treat the set of symptoms caused by various skin and scalp problems on a natural basis, namely:

✔ Psoriasis

✔ Eczema

✔ Atopic Dermatitis

✔ Seborrheic Dermatitis

✔ Very dry, cracked and pruriginous skin

We offer a line of innovative natural products for alternate treatment designed to handle various skin symptoms such as dryness, redness, skin scaling, etc. caused by skin problems and different skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, Seborrhea, etc. The company products are made of natural ingredients only and of plant extracts, ethereal oils and minerals from the Dead Sea.  We have innovative formula that contains over 20 different natural ingredients such as plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals. The presence of multiple active ingredients and their combination in the formula makes our products very effective. Only our products have 38% active ingredient concentration.

A series of Psoeasy natural products is characterized by numerous properties  and helps solve a large number of skin problems:

- significantly alleviates the skin condition at any severity degree of various skin diseases (psoriasis, seborrhea, dermatitis);

- reduces inflammation, redness and itching of irritated skin areas;

- reduces the number of rashes and the severity of plaques on the affected skin;

- eliminates dryness and peeling,and also prevents the appearance of flakes on the skin.

- conducts a protective function

- hampers psoriasis and dermatitis development

- eliminates burning and itching in atopic dermatitis with wet lesions on skin areas

- regenerates new epidermal cells

- moisturizes and tones very dry skin.


CHIC Hlavin is a leading international skin care manufacturer and exporter of therapeutic skin care products. CHIC Hlavin's products act in harmony with the human body and provide uniquely effective solutions for various skin- and skin-related problems.

3 product categories:

  • Cosmeceuticals – Curative- treatment lines for face and body
  • Professional Face Care Systems – Innovative ingredients, zen-oriented
  • Wellness and Toiletries

CHIC Hlavin's advanced plant laboratories, produce cosmeceuticals with an awareness of the needs for healthy, vital and fresh skin to achieve balance and synergy. Lavilin Hypo-allergenic Deodorant leads the company's innovations.  The deodorant cream is an internationally acclaimed product that is 100% aluminum, alcohol and paraben free. As market leader, Lavilin's deodorant keeps the body odor-free up to 7 days with a  single application.  CHIC Hlavin possess full in-house development for its marketing objectives. The benefits of combining folk remedies with the latest bio-technological innovations and the most modern equipment are at the core of the vision to create "state of the art" cosmeceuticals. 

Commitment to Quality – The products, using only CTFA certified materials, are licensed and manufactured under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. an authorized ISO company, according to the most recent ISO 9001:2000 standard. 

None of CHIC Hlavin's products contain animal derivatives nor are they animal tested.