Love Line Platinum - Q10 Eye-Cream

Love Line Platinum - Q10 Eye-Cream


A rich, cream, enhancing various activities in the skin regeneration process. Easily-absorbed cream, lightly textured,  

A synergy of active ingredients offers focused anti-age activity:

Co-enzyme Q10 – internationally proven as an effective agent, helping to inhibit signs of aging.  

GP4G molecule – sea protein, extracted from North Sea plankton

Additional active ingredients: ceramides, gentle oils, vitamins A& E,  panthenol, ginseng extract, soy and milk protein, , Skin appears healthy, resilient and smooth

Suitable also for delicate skin surrounding lips.

Spread gently around the eyes and lips until full absorption.

First results are visible after 10 consecutive days of correct use.

Periodic "mask" treatment at night: Use:

1)    Eye Serum

2)    Anti Age Gel

3)    Q10 Cream

Place a lukewarm towel for 5 minutes

30 ml