Eye Skin Care Tips

Eyes, being the most delicate part and sensitive of our body, need special care than the rest. Why not? They are the mirror to our soul and most importantly they help us see the world. Also there are some biological reasons which make our eye areas delicate and sensitive.

  • There are almost no muscles around our eyes, so the skin stretches and wrinkles are formed around eyes earlier.

  • The blood vessels are situated very close which gives rise to dark circles so easily.

So how should we care for our eyes that will prevent these menaces.

Do’s for eye skin care: 

  • Beauty sleep. Have enough of sleep that’ll relax your eyes and will give a fresh start daily.

  • Try cooling products on your eyes. Putting cucumbers or potato slices on eyes will produce a cooling sensation and will also reduce dark circles and puffiness.

  • Eye gel masks are also an effective way to reduce swelling around your eye area and nose caused due to sinus or allergies. They control eye bags and wrinkles around eyes which we callcrow’s feet. (We can get eye gel masks in many online stores)

  • Alongside these remedies, also use under eye creams and never forget to moisturize your under eye area. Try using Love Line Platinum - Q10 Eye-Cream to inhibit the signs of aging. Wear sunglass whenever going out in the sun and drink plenty of water.

    If none of the above remedies help, see a doctor because puffiness can also be caused due to kidney malfunction.

    Dont’s for eye skin care:

    • Don’t sleep with your eye makeup on. No matter even if it’s a little bit of kajal or thin eyeliner, clear your eyes of all makeup residues.

    • Say no to smoking. Nicotine blocks the blood vessels under eyes and face leading to collagen breakdown.
    • Do not apply oil rich creams to areas around eyes as they will block pores and cause irritation.
    • Don’t rub cream on eye area, Apply it very lightly with your ring finger so as not to put pressure.