HERSKO Therapeutic Natural Skin Care Inc. Founded in 2010 in Canada by Ada Hersko. Ada has been in the cosmetics industry for more than 30 years. The company, exclusively, carries a number of unique quality natural brands. The Lavilin brand is distributed to more than 500 Natural Health Stores across Canada and products pharmacies in the GTA.  HERSKO Therapeutic Natural Skin Care Inc. works with the largest natural health stores distributor in the industry in Canada, as well as with a broker.

HERSKO Therapeutic Natural Skin Care Inc.


Hersko Brand


The Lavilin brand is a worldwide well-known brand due to their exceptional and unique deodorants: Up-To 48 hours, Up-To 72 hours Up-To 7 days - One Application, Water Resistant, Aluminum, Alcohol Paraben and Allergen –Free

This indication on the product was tested in a study about the average time each person is protected against bad odor perspiration. The concept of Bio-Balance indicated on the product, represents a unique skin Pro-Biotic technology developed by Chic-Hlavin Industries that stimulates the good bacteria while eliminating the bad, odor causing, bacteria at the source.

Hersko Brand

ANANDA Bio Cosmetic

ANANDA Bio Cosmetic products carry the BDIH standard mark for natural products, guaranteeing that every product offers a pure botanical experience. Free from synthetic and genetically modified materials, mineral oils, parabens, SLS, artificial colours and fragrances, silicones, preservatives, and paraffin.  

Hersko Brand


The PSOeasy brand is manufactured in Israel by DSP Natural Health Products Development & Marketing. Treats Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Seborrhea, Very Dry Skin. The products are 100% Natural, No steroids, No tar, Contain 21 active ingredients, Contain Dead Sea Minerals. Often might replace steroid medications.