5 Freezer Friendly Skincare Tips to Keep Cool this Summer

The fridge can magically transform your normal skin products into super cooling agents, capable of providing instant relief on a hot, humid day.

1. Refrigerate Eye Creams And Body Lotions

Lots of beauty bloggers swear by storing eye cream in the fridge because it will keep it from degrading, which probably has some truth to it. There’s also the theory that the coolness itself will help depuff and soothe irritated skin. All of this is great, but really, the main reason to keep lotions in the fridge is because that coolness feels awesome on a sweaty face or body.

2. Put Your Toner In The Fridge

Cold contracts pores. Toner contracts pores. By that logic, cold toner contracts pores and pores. (Because math, right?) But that’s basically the benefit of putting your toner in the fridge. Using a cold toner also feels incredibly refreshing.

3. Use Frozen Metal Spoons To Rub Out Dark Circles

This is one of those beauty tricks that gets passed down over the ages, but I do think it works. Put two metal spoons in the freezer, ideally overnight but a couple of hours should do the trick. Once they’re sufficiently frozen, rub the concave side of the spoons underneath your eyes, from the inside out in a crescent-shape. This will help reduce puffiness and dark circles. 

4. Tea Bags Can Relieve Puffy Eyes 

Let two tea bags seep in hot water for a few minutes, move the bags to a separate container, and then put them in the fridge. Let them sit until cold, which will take about 30 minutes. Squeeze out the excess water and then plop those tea bags on your eyes. The caffeine (which is actually a not uncommon ingredient in some eye treatments) will help perk up your skin, so either black or green tea works best for this, but you could also use an herbal tea if you just want something that feels nice and will still help with de-puffing the skin.

5. Freeze Aloe Vera In An Ice Cube Tray

Sunburns suck, so always remember to put on sunscreen. But if you do get burned, one of the best salves is aloe vera, and the only thing that feels more refreshing than putting aloe vera on your sunburn is putting frozen aloe vera on your sunburn. Squeeze some gel into an ice tray and rub on burned skin as needed. Another benefit of this method is that the aloe vera is less goopy, making application much neater. (Remember that regular ice cubes have soothing beauty benefits, too!)