Changes Occurring in Aging Skin

There are many changes to that happen to aging skin, which damage all skin layers and all its tissues. It is possible to distinguish between changes caused as a result of internal changes, hereditary and hormonal changes, and changes caused by the external factors: pollution, smoking, dryness, mental stress, cold, bathing/cleansing materials and mainly by sun radiation.

Internal, Hereditary and Hormonal Causes:

Entail deterioration of quantity of tissues, lessening of cells and deceleration in their activity. This will be reflected in slow-down of cell regeneration, decrease in thickness of external skin layer, and lessening of pigment cells. In addition, a deceleration will occur in the regeneration and restoring process of connective tissues, the collagen and elastin and deceleration in the activity of sebum and perspiration glands etc. It should be pointed out that the main cause under this group is the heredity factor.

External and Environmental Causes, including Sun Radiation:

At first stages, these causes entail thickening and increasing of all tissues, but this increase is mainly in quantity and does not involve improvement in quality. Sun rays cause, for instance, thickening of the epidermis layer. This thickening is liable to cause with time development of cancerous skin tumors (damaging the cell nucleus in the DNA).