Pack in the biggest beautifying benefits in a bottle. Chug down on these complexion-correcting capsules for your softest, smoothest skin yet!

B vitamins

Remember, B for beauty. Make a dash for the drugstore to get a vitamin B "complex" - these contain all eight of the B-contingent. Essentially a stress-alleviating stockpile of riboflavin and pantothenic acids, these vitamins bolster your body against fatigue by fortifying your adrenal glands - but perhaps more importantly, at least on the beauty front, is the burgeoning body of evidence suggesting that they can help ease the signs of stress-induced skin sallowness.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

Repeat after us: Oils are good for you. For the purposes of this story, we're zeroing in on the essential fatty acids (AKA the "omegas") found in flaxseed and nut oils, because these "healthy" oils have the most cosmetic cache. How so? Think of it this way: Like lubricating an engine, Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils act as buttresses for dehydrated cell membranes, allowing these microscopic sponges to sop up precious moisture for plumper, younger-looking skin.

Should you be lapping up lard straight from the larder? Nope: Most commercially treated edible oils are put through hell before arriving on the aisles, with all sorts of solvents and extremely high temperatures destroying much of their goodness.

Instead, grease up your grooming regimen by splashing out on top-notch dressing oils labelled expeller processed or cold pressed, which are gently heated and bottled "neat", which means all of their essential fatty acid goodness can work their magic on your dry, flaky skin. Even better, simply wash down a couple of evening primrose capsules from the pharmacist.

Green tea

Throwing a spanner in the works by including green tea here. Green tea - and indeed, tea of any tint - is packed with potent polyphenols that have been shown to be able to sop up harmful radiation from solar rays, making it a useful adjunct to your daily dose of sunscreen. (Disclaimer: Even if you're drowning in tea, always exercise a healthy degree of caution when you're out in the blazing heat and always wear sunscreen, please!)

Skyrocketing tea to superfood status are other good stuff like catechins, which are antioxidants that can ease skin inflammation and puffiness. Lest you think this is a carte blanche for you to guzzle green tea all day, do note that bottled beverages of the vending machine variety are usually spiked with sugar and "empty" calories.

Stick to an unsweetened, freshly brewed pot whenever possible. you can also consume this emerald elixir in the form of concentrated capsules or sachets from specialist health stores.