Going to the salon for a pedicure every seven or ten days sure can be very effective. But it can be turn out to be even more expensive. No matter how hard you push yourself, you will think twice or more before spending that much money on your feet. So the best alternative is to do your own pedicure at home. 

Here are some of the best home pedicure tips for you to follow:

Note: Follow these pedicure tips on a regular basis to achieve best results.

1. Always try and to use a creamy pumice scrub. You can also select from flavoured scrubs available in the market. A peppermint scrub might be a nice option.

2. While moisturizing your cuticles, always use a cream or moisturizer which contains lemon. This helps to cleanse properly and add shine to the skin.

3. For a perfect fresh and clean look:

  • Sit back and soak your feet in warm water first.
  • Don’t forget to add lemon juice, salt or bath salt and essential oils to it.
  • Soak your feet for 15 minutes.
  • Then take clean warm water and clean your feet using this for about 30 seconds.
  • Now start your regular exfoliating procedure.
  • Even exotic stones & flowers can be added to this water for better stress relief and results.

4. If you have anyone for assistance, tell them to give you a nice massage before you do the final step of washing and drying your feet.

5. Always pat dry using a soft towel.

6. After you apply the nail paint, soak your toenails in icy water, this will help in preventing the nail-paint from smudging and also help in drying faster.

7. Before putting the varnish on, try to wipe your toenails with the remover because nails need to be completely dry.

8. You can use olive oil instead of cuticle oil.

9. Enjoy yourself, read a book, relax or simply listen to music while giving your self a pedicure. This helps in pampering your feet in a much better way. Don’t be too hard on your feet. Go gentle and polite on them.

10. Use a foot hydrating gel on a daily basis to prevent the recurrence of dry, cracked skin and fissures. This Lavilin Foot Moisturizing Gel is made with a high concentration of aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and Pine Silvestris extract.