The Health Benefits of Collagen Peptide

Aging is a reality that brings with it the inevitable wrinkles and aches.

Revolutionary products with medical backing allow us to fight this certainty -e.g. Collagen Pep. Collagen peptide is mainly responsible for the healthy maintenance of bones, cartilages and joints. It protects the skin from pathogenic substances and environmental toxins and renders young, smooth and healthy appearance to the skin devoid of wrinkles.

Collagen is the most plentiful protein present in the bodies of mammals including human beings. It is the focal building protein in bone, cartilage, skin and other connective tissues that constitute about 30 to 60 per cent of our total body protein.

As the largest protein in the body, collagen is the connective tissue for almost all our structures, including bones, cartilage, joints, skin, hair, nails, blood vessels, muscles and other organs. It provides structural scaffolding that aids the surrounding cells and organs in maintaining their form and structure, just like that the metal rods that hold a concrete building. Like any other protein, collagen is composed of amino acids, the most important ones being glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These amino acids are absorbed into the blood and regenerate collagen in our body.

80 per cent of the world’s hip fractures are being attributed to osteoporosis and the percentage is expected to go up over the years. With over 27 per cent of the world’s population being affected by osteoporosis, especially females in the post-menopausal stage, collagen Peptide is a savior in making sure those joints don’t creak so badly.

Intensive and modern research has proved the safety and efficacy of collagen peptide as a successful therapeutic supplement in the management of osteoporosis.

In India, an independent, double blind, randomised, placebo controlled clinical trial conducted in 2009 reconfirmed the efficacy and safety of collagen peptide in the sample population with osteoarthritis and with osteoporosis. The studies showed highly promising results in reducing the medical conditions and restoring their quality of life.

Collagen peptide naturally occurs in colored fruits and vegetables. Essentially, colour in such food translates to lycopenes, which are antioxidants, in turn increasing the production of collagen in our body.

Collagen peptide when taken orally is absorbed and amassed in your joints and cartilage thereby counteracting the degeneration process. Collagen peptide is found to be safe for consumption even in people with diabetes and cholesterol problems. It has no side effects and shows no interaction with other drugs.

Collagen peptide may be a wonder protein but it is a smart protein too. Collagen peptide, as discussed, acts on our body by stimulating repair and replacing cartilage, and so the effects do tend to wear off if you discontinue use. But with smoother skin and lesser joint aches, collagen peptide asks very little of us.