Lavilin Bio Balance Product Review

Here's a lovely review from Cynthea Williams from Orlando Florida that was featured on her website -

A few weeks ago Hersko sent me some samples to review for you guys, so I am going to be reviewing these products in two-part posts. Today I will be reviewing their Lavilin Bio Balance series of products. 


Hersko is authorized to import and distribute products manufactured by Hlavin Industries Ltd. Hlavin is a leading international skin care manufacturer and exporter of therapeutic skin care products.  Hlavin's products act in harmony with the human body and provide uniquely effective solutions for various skin- and skin-related problems. Read more about Hersko here...

Lavilin Bio Balance - Foot Treatment | Odor Neutralizers | Skin Nourishers | Skin Soothers

"formulated to synchronize skin systems, balance dermal processes and environmental influences for healthy, dermal activity."

I was extremely excited to try out these products, since I am always switching up my skin care routine. I got a chance to use each product and I was really impressed with how effective they were. This particular series is specific to the body, so I took a picture of the products and listed the name and purpose to each.

  • Lavilin Underarm/Foot Deodorants: effective up to 7 days. odor protection using natural extracts and herbs. aluminum, alcohol and paraben-free.
  • Lavilin BIO Hand Nourishing Cream: ideal for nourishing dry areas - hands, elbows, cuticles.
  • Lavilin BIO Body Wash Deodorant: removes body odor, improves skin appearance, delicate cleanser.
  • Lavilin BIO Foot Nourishing Gel: prevents the recurrence of dry, cracked skin with fissures.
  • Lavilin BIO Body Lotion: soothes for soft and supple skin.

So to begin, I really liked the body lotion and hand nourishing cream. they were extremely soothing and had a thick consistency which I really prefer for my body. It was the right amount of moisture to really keep the thicker areas of my body hydrated (ex. hands, elbows, knees). I wish I had more, but I quickly went through the packets!

The body was deodorant was very gentle, and didn't have an overwhelming fragrance. It smelled very natural and organic which only made it more enjoyable to use. It left my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated without feeling over-washed or dry.

The foot nourishing gel was something I had never tried before but it felt great after a long day's work. It reminded me of natural aloe that you would put on if you got burned, because it gave me a very cool and refreshing feeling. It had a tingling effect which felt great on tired and over-worked feet. The smell was refreshing also, which was something I also liked.

I believe all the products gave me desired results, except the underarm deodorant - I didn't like the texture of it, and it didn't really work in preventing moisture under my arms. I will say though that it could be because the packaging was a packet instead of a stick or roll-on. 

Overall I really enjoyed using their products and I had the chance to look at their site for the full-sizes and they were reasonable in price.