Pine Sylvestris and our Skin

Pine oil is extracted from needles, cones and twigs for the purpose of benefiting the skin. It helps clean skin, revitalizes it and helps alleviate eczema and psoriasis by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. It helps treat foot and hand ailments: cuts, irritation, itching and skin infections.

This oil has a strong, warming and refreshing aroma. On the surface, it stimulates blood flow and consequently, facilitates healing and recovery from various skin problems. It is an active antibiotic for open wounds.

Helps Treat Respiratory Problems

Pine Sylvestris etheric oil actively helps alleviate respiratory problems. It is used in inhalers for asthmatics and as an aromatic oil for bronchitis since it dissolves mucus. Diluted pine extract can be used for gargling and sore throats. It can also be used to relieve blocked sinuses and stuffiness.

Treatment of Pain

Bath water to which a few drops of pine oil together with carrier oil have been added, can relieve rheumatic pains such as arthritis and tense muscles. It can relieve nervous fatigue and pain.

Psychological Uses

Pine Sylvestris oil is refreshing following mental exertion, and acts against a sense of weakness and insecurity, as it encourages and relaxes you. The oil can be used to encourage memories and associations: It raises the image of endless forests and provides a sense of freedom. It's rehabilitative qualities can alleviate fatigue and expedite recovery following extended periods of illness.

Fully aware of the marvelous properties of Pine Sylvestris etheric oils, Hlavin Cosmetics decided to develop a line of unique aromatherapeutic products for care and treatment of the feet, based on Pine Sylvestris extract.