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Can this chemical-free deodorant make me stink free?

The product
Lavilin Bio Balance 72 Hour Stick Deodorant

The promise
This deodorant works with your body’s chemistry to eliminate body odour effectively and naturally. By incorporating probiotics to eliminate the bad bacteria from skin and leave the good bacteria behind, this product aims to keep your body neutralized and free from embarrassingly unpleasant smells for up to 72 hours.

How it works
The good folks at Lavilin look at sweat this way: The perspiration our bodies excrete is odourless and doesn’t start to smell until it comes into contact with the bad bacteria that sit on our skin because of toxins in our system. Probiotics, which allegedly strengthen the body’s dermal system, improve the skin’s ability to protect itself from environmental aggressors and allow it to maintain its natural moisture and elasticity. The entire system is thus repaired and we all run about our daily lives getting hot and sweaty without having to fret about BO. But because we’re brimming with toxins, it can take up to seven applications of this paraben-, aluminum- and alcohol-free deodorant before our bodies purge the bad bacteria and it starts to work.

How to use it
Swipe under clean, dry arms, preferably just before bed, once every 72 hours.

The bottom line
For me, starting to use deodorant signified the moment at which I stopped being a kid and became a romantic, hormonal teenager whose main goal in life was to smell as fresh and irresistible as the women in the television commercials whose scents inspired random men to pursue them in the streets with hastily purchased flowers.
Totally realistic!
But you know what’s not realistic? Going three days without wearing deodorant. I started smelling somewhat gamey about 28 hours into the experiment and was downright stinky by day two. Maybe my toxic load needs more time to dissipate. But I can’t afford to smell unpleasant lest I drive away any strange men bearing flowers.
$16.69 at selected drugstores in Ontario or online at www.hersko.ca.