Hands - The First Sign of Good Grooming

Here's an article that was featured on - LexiYoga.com. Our hands seem to be the first to suffer environmental damage. Here are some good tips to help prevent aging hands:

Our hands are the first to suffer environmental damage and reveal our true age.

Hands: - Our Most Important Tool.

Our hands withstand enormous signs of aging, and can appear as early as the teen years. Hands suffer from moisture loss which encourages bacterial activity and formation of free radicals and weakens skin tonus. Skin appears transparent, rough and coarse.

All you need to prevent damaged, aging hands is an awareness of the problem and 5 minutes for daily hand care.

A good hand cream:

  • Is easily absorbed.
  • Provides a protective barrier from environmental damage.
  • Soothes and repairs damaged, cracked skin.
  • Keeps nails healthy.

The pH of the healthy epidermis is mildly acidic (between 5-6) creating a first line of defense against environmental damage, helping to protect skin from irritation and irregularities.

Products which contain hydratants - enhance cell regeneration and maintain skin elasticity. They will help neutralize bacterial activity and maintain the active protective layer.

Daily Hand Care: Penetrates and maintains moisture.

  • Before washing dishes and housework - Apply cream and wear gloves.
  • After housework - Rinse hands and apply hand cream until fully absorbed.
  • To prevent stains/unpleasant odors (onion, fish etc.) - Massage hands with salt. Wash hands with soap and water, rinse and apply a therapeutic hand cream.
  • Winter - before going out into the cold - Apply nourishing cream and wear gloves to avoid dryness.
  • Summer - Apply a hand cream with sunscreens frequently and repeatedly.

Periodic Treatment - Master Treatment at night!!!

  • Wash hands with lukewarm water, pat dry (don't rub).
  • Lubricate your hands (with oil/therapeutic serum).
  • Seal for a few minutes (plastic wrap/gloves) to nourish with warming effect.
  • Massage from wrist to nails, until fully absorbed.

Questions and Answers

1) Where should I keep hand cream?

In the kitchen, office drawer, handbag, near your bed!

2) How to apply hand cream?

  • Dab cream on back of the hand.
  • Spread thoroughly on the palm of the hand.
  • Massage fingers from base towards nails and around them.
  • Use circular motions, to improve penetration.
  • Massage elbows and other dry areas.

3) How to choose a good hand cream?

  • Contains a new preservation system.
  • Contains pH balancing agent.
  • Smooths rough hands.
  • Enriched with vitamins, minerals and herbal oils and extracts.
  • Neutralizes bacterial activity on skin.
  • Rich in anti-aging ingredients to balance skin functions.

Bio Ambiance Hand Care for:

  • Stronger, healthier, smoother nails.
  • Repair of cracked skin.
  • Nourishing, moisturizing and anti-age treatment

Bio Ambiance Hand Creams -

  • Offering various original fragrances to meet your personal preference.
  • Bio Ambiance Hand Creams will provide your hands with balancing and illuminating properties.
  • To ensure best results, clean hands thoroughly then apply an enriched hand cream. Make sure to massage thoroughly until fully absorbed.
  • Don't neglect your elbows, legs and any other dry skin or itchy, scaly skin.