Love Line Platinum - Glossary of Active Ingredients - Cleansing Phase

Our Love Line: Platinum is great for dry skin, as it illuminates your complexion and provides deep penetration of curative properties, to firm, uplift and protect your skin. The harmonious combination of active ingredients work together to balances pH and moisture level down into the sebum levels to leave your skin smooth and youthful looking. 

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Here is a list of all the main ingredients and their benefits:


  • Blueberries - Helps in curing processes of skin formation. Prevents irregularities and bacteria development.

  • Allantoin - Powerful moisturizer. Focuses on soothing skin and balances, as necessary, the activity of skin systems. Protects, revitalizes and soothes. Nourishes and supports the improved absorption of the effective ingredients in the skin.

  • Guto Cola - Helps in treating successfully phenomena resulting from signs of age. Forifies the skin barrier mechanism.

  • Licorice - Anti-bacterial activity. Perfect anti-allergen, curative properties for prevention of polluters and fortifying cell structure.

  • Artemisia - Shrinking element, combats impurities and inflammation, stimulates cell replacement, cools - suitable for skin of diabetics.

  • Mineral Complex - Is needed for skin to fortify the functioning of skin systems, for prevention of skin becoming dry, stimulating proper metabolism, and complementing the activity of vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

  • Phytocea Complex - Extract concentration - balances and soothes - licorice, Artemisia Ginkgo Biloba extract, Guto cola, Rose hip and cranberries.

  • Rose Hip - Contains very effective concentration of amino-acids - which have a high significance in regeneration of skin cells.

  • Hamamelis Extract - Anti-inflamatory, shrinks skin pores and stimulates activity of skin systems.

  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract - Anti-oxidant, fortifies cell walls, protects from damages and soothes irritations.

  • Ginseng Extract - Rich in vitamins B, B6 and Zinc - extracted from Ginseng root, stimulates and helps in cell regeneration. Alleviates and soothes irritated red skin.

  • Menthol Extract - Refreshes, anaesthetizes, and supports activity of skin systems.