72 Hour Stick Deodorant featured in Chatelaine Magazine

Lavilin 72 hour stick deodorant has been featured in Chatelaine Magazine. http://www.chatelaine.com/  

Lavilin 72 hour stick deodorant

Effective for up to 72 hours with just one application, this deodorant (from Hlavin, an Israelian manufacturer) uses natural ingredients to neutralize odour and perspiration (which is rare in an aluminum-free brand). We tried it at the gym and hot yoga and though we weren't totally sweat-free it did perform better than expected.

It does take a few applications to get to max effectiveness so have patience. Look for their impressive seven day deodorant cream as well.

What it has: No parabens, no alcohol, clove extract, chamomile extract 

Price: $17, hersko.ca