PLATINUM Nourishing Repair Mask Testimonial

TESTIMONIAL - Mrs. Eileen is one of our first customers through our Hersko website. She lives in Manhattan, New York.

Beyond the fact that Mrs. Eileen is a devoted customer for almost 4 years for our Love Line body Lotion “G” (Ginseng) and matching perfume, she used regularly one product from the Love Line - See PLATINUM face care series the “Nourishing cream mask”. Last year Eileen, decided to start using the samples and miniatures that we usually send with our products.

The following quote is from an email sent by Mrs. Eileen from Feb 20, 2013; An unfortunate incident happened to her a few months ago that she had to see a plastic surgeon and a happy occurrence happened in the end.

I recently fell while jogging necessitating me to see my plastic surgeon. I happened to have known him for many years – dog bite, torn earlobe, etc.. While he was stitching up my wound, I inquired about some cosmetic work for my face. He suggested Botox, Juevederm and a chemical peel. The shots I found tolerable, the peel a bit intimidating, so we began with the shots. A few weeks later I had a follow up appointment. Unbeknownst to him, I had started using the - PLATINUM products. When he saw me, he asked when I had had the peel? I told him I didn’t – it was the products from Israel that improved my skin so dramatically. He is now carrying the line in his clinic. Need I say more?

Warmest regards,

Now Dr…….. Plastic surgeon from Manhattan Offers the Love Line - PLATINUM series to his customers.

With Mrs. Eileen's enthusiasm, having seen significant improvement with her facial skin, recognizing its benefits, her friends are now our customers too.

Love Line Platinum Nourishing Repair Mask contains "Phytocea" - which is a "natural bouquet." – It's a revitalizing treatment for fatigued skin. Enriches, replenishes and soothes dry skin.