Hlavin Love Line ROUGE Body Lotion Review

Brianne from MemoriesOvertakingMe.com wrote a review of the Love Line ROUGE Body Lotion:

Ok, I have to be 100% honest. When I first opened and smelled the sample, I instantly thought of the Avon products my grandmother use to give me in the late 80's early 90's.  The scent ..at first...for me was a "mature floral scent" however after applying the lotion to my arms and legs I began to really enjoy the it. Its not an over powering scent, it is a light floral scent. In fact within minutes of applying my husband sniffed the air and said "Oooh what's that smell, I like it"   I noticed right away that the lotion was a thin consistency and it quickly absorbed into my skin.   I can be a bit picky with my lotions. For example, I LOVE the scents of Bath & Body Work lotions but I HATE the actual lotions themselves.  They always leave a gross sticky film on my skin.   Hlavin Love Line ROUGE Body Lotion did not leave ANY film whatsoever! It is such a light lotion that actually left my skin very soft.   I also liked that fact that a little went a long way, I didn't have to pour lotion all over my self, all it took was just a few drops.   Another thing I really liked was the fact that I woke up the next morning and could still smell that wonderful light scent! I was honestly amazed.

Love Line ROUGE Body Lotion- Wife tested, Husband approved!

Love Line Rouge Body Lotion Imparts a suppleness and smoothness to your skin. Leaves your skin soft, tender and velvet-like. The sensuous, attractive fragrance lingers for hours.