Many people are becoming aware that most commercial underarm antiperspirant deodorants contain potentially toxic ingredients like aluminium chlorohydrate. Here is what you should know about aluminium and health risks like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s linked to antiperspirants, aluminium free deodorant options and finding one that actually works well.

The Problem with Antiperspirant Deodorants

The chemical aluminium chlorohydrate is created by reacting hydrochloric acid with aluminium. It is used in high concentrations in antiperspirant deodorants (permitted up to 25%) to block sweat ducts, alter the pH of the skin and reduce sweat production.

It’s interesting to note that for aluminium chlorohydrate to have a chance to block sweat ducts it needs to be absorbed into the skin well before sweating begins. Spraying or rolling on any more deodorant containing aluminium after you’re already sweating will be unlikely to have any effect from a dryness perspective.

Part of what makes it effective is the fact that aluminium chlorohydrate is easily absorbed into the human body. Manufacturers are allowed to use it because it is believed that a healthy unburden body should be able to eliminate it.

Unfortunately, this is the same reasoning behind the approval of literally thousands of other potentially toxic chemicals we’re exposed to in our food, environment, toiletries, etc each day. And they all add up.

Health Concerns with Aluminium Exposure

People with kidney disease are specifically warned to avoid antiperspirants with aluminium and use aluminium free deodorant. This is because without quick and effective elimination, aluminium can accumulate in the kidneys and other important organs like the liver, lungs, thyroid and even brain.

Particularly in women, aluminium is known to become concentrated in breast tissues with regular use of antiperspirant deodorants. It is also a recognized neurotoxin that affects the normal functioning of the blood brain barrier and this is believed to be behind a possible link to Alzheimer’s.

Scientific studies into the toxic effects of aluminium in deodorants are becoming more common and concerning.

This last study concerns aluminium exposure in general and aluminium cookware, soda cans and other cosmetics and toiletries may all be responsible for increased aluminium exposure. That said, if you use a deodorant with aluminium chlorohydrate as a main ingredient, it’s likely to be one of the biggest sources of any aluminium in your body.

Aluminium Free Deodorant for Women and Men

One of the best all-natural deodorants for women is the L'avilin Bio Balance Roll On Deodorant 48 hour. There's also one specifically for men. It's the Men - Roll On Deodorant 48 hour. Both of these are aluminum, alcohol and paraben free.

They combat perspiration odor without interfering with natural body functions. 

Here are the benefits:

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